On the Women in Ministry website, Voices of Women in Ministry, we are searching for work that is smart, honest, poignant and relevant, as well as fun and at times whimsical. We seek contributions of interest to our sisters in ministry, something to which they could relate, something that would open their eyes to a new ministry context, something that might challenge thought as well as something that would nourish and nurture body, mind and spirit, something that could be enjoyed.

We are looking for work that will connect women in ministry. It is not required that contributors be a part of the Princeton Theological Seminary community, although it is our hope that many from it will wish to lend their voices to this website. The newsletter will be distributed electronically through the Princeton Theological Seminary alumni network as well as to any women who wish to be added to the website’s database. Our goal is to help build and enrich the community of women in ministry, which spans a vast geographical landscape.

We are building on the newsletter that was published for the Women In Ministry Conference held in October 2017 at Princeton Theological Seminary. Originally intended for publication quarterly, the Women In Ministry Initiative realized that a web site that could be updated was a more effective vehicle for bringing together all women in ministry.


  • Articles will be received, reviewed, edited, if necessary, and placed in a queue for inclusion as the website gets updated. It is our goal to update on a monthly basis. Every effort will be made to include your submission within three months of the date of submission. If for some reason it is decided not to use your submission you will be notified and your submission returned to you.
  • Articles can be up to 500 words, however the entire article may not be included in which case a link will be provided for those who wish to read the entire article. Upon submission, please include a link to which the reader can connect for complete articles.

Submissions are subject to editing to fit the criteria outlined in these guidelines:

  • A 50-word bio should be included along with your submission.
  • Departmental names and faculty and staff job titles will be checked against official university listings for accuracy.
  • Individuals who submit information for the website must ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of the submitted material.
  • Submissions must include contact information, including name, telephone number, email address, and website links for readers to obtain further detailed information and clarification.
  • Recent sermons are encouraged and accepted.
  • Submissions related to information about upcoming events that would be of interest to women in ministry are encouraged and accepted.
  • Book reviews are encouraged and accepted.
  • Submissions of art, photography, poetry and other creative venues are encouraged and accepted.
  • Articles of a commercial nature will not be published.
  • Solicitations will not be accepted.
  • Messages with a particular political perspective will not be published.
  • Previous publication of an article and where it was published should be noted.


  • Format: JPEG preferred; other formats may be acceptable as well. Files should be sent as email attachments.
  • Photos must be original works and must include the name of the photographer. If you are not the photographer, you must secure permission to use the photos with your article. Copyrighted photos are not accepted without the expressed permission of the copyright holder.
  • Photos should be big, bright, and sharp, with no timestamps or watermarks. Low-quality photos or out-of-focus photos cannot be used.
  • Please provide captions for illustrations and/or include placement callouts in the article text, as needed.